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DaNae PetersonDaNae Peterson 

Noting a date and field reference

I need to be able to track the account history as an asset is moved from one account to another.  Since the asset object does not have field-level history, I have created a large text field, Account_History__c, where the information will be stored. 

Once the account changes, i.e. ISCHANGED(AccountId), I want the Account History field to populate with the new account name AND today's date.  This is what I have set up currently:
TODAY() + Account.Name but the "+" is incorrect.  The same goes for when I try TODAY() & Account.Name. 
What else can I try??

ADDITIONALLY, I would like to not overwrite what is in the field already (else the history will be erased).  How can I make the entry go to a new line?

For example:
Account History = 9/13/12 Company A
Account changes to Company X
Account History = 9/13/12 Company A
                           12/3/14 Company X

I would love some feedback.  Or if you have a whole other approach, I am open to suggestions!  Thank you!!!
SonamSonam (Salesforce Developers) 
I suppose you will have to individually save today's date [as TODAY() returns the current date as a date data type] and the Account name in separate strings and then add them:
String s = 'part one of string' + 'part two of string'