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Geetha BGeetha B 

workflow on opportunity when it is a converted lead

      I need to write a workflow on opportunity to update close date if the opportunity is created when the lead is converted.
      I am unable to give rule criteria check wether the opportunity is a converted lead or not.
i am not getting which field to check
PratikPratik (Salesforce Developers) 
Hi Geetha,

"Converted" field is available but you cannot get it on opportunity. 
If you want to go for workflow, I will suggest you to create  custom field on Lead & opportunity. Map these field on Lead Custom Field Mapping (Custgomize->Lead->Fields->Lead Custom Field Mapping).
So once lead is converted, this field will get value. Then you can write a workflow based on this custom  field on opportunity.

Hope this will help you!


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