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How to test SOQL query? Where we need to write soql query (i can write in annonomous execution window)?

suppose i have query
[Select ID, name, phone from contact where limit 10];

how to test this line of code?
SOQL Commander (https://soqlcommander.com/) is a free online tool that enables you to build and test SOQL queries. It features a Schema explorer that allows you to browse standard and custom objects schema. It works across all browsers, and features end to end encryption (ssl/https) for security.


Workbench (https://developer.salesforce.com/page/Workbench): This powerful, web-based suite of tools designed for adminstrators and developers to interact with Salesforce.com organizations via the Force.com APIs. Workbench includes robust support for the Force.com Partner, Bulk, Rest, Streaming, Metadata, and Apex APIs that allows users to describe, query, manipulate, and migrate both data and metadata in Salesforce.com organizations directly in their web browser with a simple and intuitive user interface.
Frédéric TrébuchetFrédéric Trébuchet
"Your name" > "Developer Console" then "Query Editor" tab (page bottom), enter your query and click Execute (bottom line).
First, you have to correct your query:
Select ID, name, phone from contact limit 10