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How to create a Popup Alert for Assets like we have for Accounts?

We have a need to create a Popup Alert for Assets that will function like SFDC or RipTide does for Accounts.  I was hoping to find a app that would do this, but can't seem to find anything that does this.  I've been directed to this forum to see if anyone here has any experience on this and learn how I should approach our programmers for APEX/Visual Force Page setup.  We would like to accomplish this using a field on the Asset where we can input text for the alert and to only show the alert in a popup if the field is populated.



SonamSonam (Salesforce Developers) 
You can try using a visualforce page/javascript to display a popup as explained in the link below:
Thanks Sonam...I'll look at this and see what our programmers can do with it.

Thanks again,