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Wayne MarciWayne Marci 

On opportunity creation, update lookup field on account.

I am new to triggers and I'm working on a trigger that will

1.       On new Project create,
2.       No other criteria
1.       Follow the Account lookup field on the Project to update the Account.“Most Recent Project” lookup field with the new project
2.       Follow the Wind Energy Site lookup to update the Account. “Most Recent Project” lookup field with the new project

I havnen't had any luck. In what ways can this be accomplished?

Thank you in advance! 
Suresh RaghuramSuresh Raghuram
Hi Wayne,

I think you may need to elobarate your requirement.
Any way let me give you a general idea.

Since you need to do an update on the Account you can opt for the Workflow. I dont know what forcing you to go with the trigger.
You may be know this if some thing can not be done using workflow then opt for the trigger.

you can follow this link for an example for your scenario