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Aliaksei RazumauAliaksei Razumau 

Show opportunities related to a campaign

I want to be able to see opportunities related to a specific campaign. But the problem is that all opportunities we create in Sf are related to accounts only and not to contacts. So.. all the data reported in a campaign report is not passed to the report at all. But that's okay, I want to list members of a campaign and list all opportunities related to their accounts.

Relationship seems to be a little bit complicated:

CampaignMembers = Contacts =- Accounts -= Opportunities

where =- many-to-one, = one-to-one and -= one-to-many relationship.

How can I do it?
SonamSonam (Salesforce Developers) 
If I understand your requirement correctly, wouldn't the built-in Report Type: Campaigns with Influenced Opportunities help in this regard?

Wish to understand the piece where you mentioned that Opportunity is not linked to a Contact..
Aliaksei RazumauAliaksei Razumau
I'll take a look on this report but I'm pretty sure that it won't show any opps related to accounts.

In my org opps has been added directly to account and not contacts, contacts are part of teams and teams buy software we sell. So contacts separately don't have their own lifecycle, it's more a lifecycle of an organization or, in other words, account. So opps are linked to accounts. Even if sales representative by accident adds opp to a contact, it's auto moved to a related account.