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DaNae PetersonDaNae Peterson 

Can't deduct code error - missing LCURLY

I am trying to boost my code coverage so I can delete some classes from a former app I am trying to delete.  I am getting the following error: force.com ide Syntax(error = UnexpectedSyntaxError(loc = RealLoc(StartIndex=9, endIndex = 10, line = 1, column =51), message = missing LCURLY at '('))

Anyone know what that means?

Here is my actual code:

public with sharing class JunkClassForTestCoverage(){
    public class testCoverage(){
        string i1;
        string i2;
        string i3;
        string i4;
        string i5;
        string i6;
        string i7;
        string i8;
        string i9;
        string i10;
        string i11;
        string i12;
        string i13;
        string i14;
        string i15;
        string i16;
        string i17;
        string i18;
        string i19;
        string i20;
        string i21;
        string i22;
        string i23;
        string i24;
        string i25;

Instead of posting the whole thing this is a sample.  It follows this same patter up until string i822

the first line has a problem. it looks like method definition instead of class. remove () from the first line. 

instead of public with sharing class JunkClassForTestCoverage(){

you have to use below line

public with sharing class JunkClassForTestCoverage {