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Michael Webb 5Michael Webb 5 

Feedback - Have you used Lightning? Do you like it? Any feedback?

I realize this is more of feedback not a question, just wondering if anyone who has used it found any interresting facts they would like to share. Any limits? Big issues?  How do you like it? Is it as easy as the demo (okay that was a stupid question nothing is really as easy as the demo).  We are looking to connect to our ERP system so that our sales and service can see the customers orders at least at this point.  

Thanks for any feedback!
Agustina GarciaAgustina Garcia
I think you are talking about Lightning Connect right?

From my point of view, the most dificult thing is to create the connection, I mean, you need to set an URL in the External Data Source, and before getting it you need OData that helps you to read the data you have outsie. There are different OData providers like JitterBit (http://www.jitterbit.com/blog/announcing-the-new-jitterbit-lightning-connector-for-salesforce/) , or you can create your own one via a Heroku app and odata4j library and even better, since Summer'15 you can create your own one via Apex Connector. But once you have it everything is as simple as the demo.

Something else to highlihgt, there is no Master - Detail relationship field between External object and Custom / Standard one or between 2 External objects, but the new type of fields Indirect lookup and External Lookup, can help you to simulate this behaviour.

Limitations? Something that most of people ask is Call outs. They are in place, but as this is a soft limit, you can always ask Salesforce to increase it if you need it.

Once you have your External Object that shows the information that you have outside, you can use it as nearly a custom one and create some apex code to make it more powerful. At this point, all governor limits also are there.

Hope this helps.
Alan BarenAlan Baren
Lightning has a Challenging UI for Editing
Editing Opportunities with a single page edit mode and editing in a pop-up window with limited page width is challenging.  Not as good a UI design as Classic view. Makes it hard in edit mode to read, navigate and edit page. 

Liked much better having full page width for editing, and FIELD-level editing.  Would ideally liked to have seenfull page mode, field level editing with click-to-edit fields.