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How to render Article feedback component (PKB) on customer portal

Article feedback does not render on the standard article layout. To achieve this, we custom built and added code in “pkb_controller” and modified “pkb_articleview” component to render feedback along with article details on portal. 

Also using below attribute for “pkb_article” and “pkb_related” respectively since we are using customer portal –
<apex:variable var="nonSiteArticleURL" value="{!$Page.pkb_Home}?id={!aid}&" />
<apex:variable var="articleURL" value="/apex/pkb_home?id={!a.Id}&"/>
This works fine. However, the issue occurs in following situation – 

Inside articles, if any smart links/deep links are used, they are routing to standard SF layout.
For example –
Clicking on smart link route to below standard (which does not render feedback section)
In this case we have to modify the smart links used in all the articles like –https://sso--cvent--c.cs4.visual.force.com/apex/pkb_home?id=kA1P00000008WnH
So that it could render feedback with articles.
Now two Qs:
How to manage the “articleURL” so that it could display pkb_articleview with feedback component.
If not how to mass update the smart links instead of going to update manually.

Please assit me in this which would be highly appreciated.