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Brittany AdkisonBrittany Adkison 

Formula populates date Account Record Changes

I would like assistance in developing a formula for either a field or to place in a workflow to update a field for the following criteria:

Account 'Status' field changes to 'Alumni'

Field to update: Graduation Date (formula will automatically populate this on the date of the above field change)
Suresh RaghuramSuresh Raghuram

Status must be a picklist so you can use ISCHANGE method in the formula field.
In your formula field use the following line of code.
if(ISCHAGNE(Status, 'Alumini'), TODAY(), false);
Virendra ChouhanVirendra Chouhan
Hi Brittany ,

You have to create a Workflow rule for that.
1. Evalution Criteria : created, and any time it’s edited to subsequently meet criteria.
2. Rule Criteria : select account Status field then equal to and select the 'Alumni' value from the lookup window.
3. Workflow Action: Field Update
       3.1 In New field value select  formula and pick the last modified date.