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How to stop schedule class?


Please any one guide me the procedure to stop schedule class?

Thanks in advance,
sfdc newwsfdc neww
Run the below script in the anonymous execute if you know your scheduled job ID

system.abort("Paste your job ID here");

If you dont know your your scheduled job, you can find it through the below script in the below link


SELECT Id, CronJobDetail.Name, State, NextFireTime
                              FROM CronTrigger 

Hope this helps!!
David Catindoy 11David Catindoy 11
Another solution is instead of doing the manual thing. You can also view all the scheduled jobs that you created using the Force.com platform. You can view all your scheduled jobs by clicking Setup > Monitor > Jobs > Scheduled Jobs
David Catindoy 11David Catindoy 11
Try to familiarize the Force.com platform and you will definitely like the functionality that it offers. :)