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mahesh vasamsettymahesh vasamsetty 

How to disable chatter access to profile or users?

If you want to remove chatter app access to profile:

Click on "Profile" --> Goto "Custom App Settings" remove visibility 
then App access will be removed.

If you want to remove chatter access to all users then:

customize --> chatter--> chat settings --> click on "Edit" ---> uncheck the enabled "chat settings" 

Mark answer as best (or) can you pls clarify more infn to help u better
mahesh vasamsettymahesh vasamsetty
Thank you for your response.
i want to disable chatter access to only few users or some particular profile only.And rest of the profiles or users need to access the chatter.
Anoop yadavAnoop yadav
Refer the below link.

You should raise a case to enable "Profile-based rollout of Chatter"
Shelly LudwigShelly Ludwig
Couldn't you remove the chatter access from the profile and then create a permission set granting chatter access and add that to the users in the profile who need it?
Emily Walton 22Emily Walton 22
I am unable to uncheck the Chatter Internal User box on a custom profile that exists. How can I uncheck it, if it is greyed out?