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Sohail Barat 14Sohail Barat 14 

Add a Portal User to case team member

I have to write a trigger For the following case: "Client Issue Cases, when the field CSM__c is edited we want to add that person to case team with a role of Implementation Manager."

BUT I want to know either why the client is requesting to add portal user to case team member ?? I mean I want to know either why we add people to case team member ??? When it happens to made us to do so. ??
SonamSonam (Salesforce Developers) 
When you add a user to a case team - you are actually giving him access to that case depending on the role you assign him at the time of case team asignment: You can build a case team on the Case Team related list of a case.

"When selecting a team member, choose a role to indicate the role the person plays on the case. Case team roles determine the level of access each case team member will have to the case."