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Aidel BruckAidel Bruck 

trigger has 85% code coverage but org only has 58%

I have created my first trigger and tested it. I transfered it to production with change sets. when I validated it in production I got the following error
Your organization's code coverage is 58%. You need at least 75% coverage to complete this deployment. Also, the following triggers have 0% code coverage. Each trigger must have at least 1% code coverage.
I am the new admin of my org and know nothing about the other classes. In addition the classes that are giving the errors seem to be test classes that were never run. 
is there anyway to override this, since my trigger has enough coverage?
Lee SinLee Sin
Do you have other codes inside the change sets or there's only that trigger and a test class for the trigger.
Aidel BruckAidel Bruck
only the trigger and its test class