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Iqrar AhmedIqrar Ahmed 

Embed custom side bar item in chatter

This shown what actually i wantHi, I want to embed 3 custom object with standard chatter ui and want to perform same operation as other item like group and files do e.g when we click on group the group related to user is shown in middle in the same way i want that when user will click on document item the document related to user should be shown in middle and when click app the app assign to user in custom object tab should be shown in middle.please can anyone can guid me how to do this.If standard ui is not editable in any way so can anyone tell me that how to create visualforce page same like chatter and also contain same functionality like chatter.or give me anyother solution to achive this task.

SonamSonam (Salesforce Developers) 
Yes, the Standard UI is not editable such that you can add the features you have mentioned. You would have to go for a custom UI, may be visualforce page  such that you can have these components.

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