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anil kumatanil kumat 

How to build "Yes and No" Buttons in Email template?

When we have a suggested solution, the contact should be sent this solution. From the email he receives, he should be able to close the case. So in the email there should be a button which asks the user "did this resolve your case? - Yes, and no". If yes, this should close the case.
Balaji Chowdary GarapatiBalaji Chowdary Garapati
@anil kumat:

I have couple of suggestions for you:

You can get the feedback from the receipient in couple of ways:

1) Reply To Email:

    You can use email services to handle an inbound email and write your logic to handle it

2) Button Click:

  For this option, you can have a force.com un authenticated public site setup which takes a parameters as case id or record id, user reply, update the case accordingly.
In the email you can use a viusalforce template which will have two buttons, yes or no, which on click will redirect the reciepient to the force.com site, your visualforce page mentioned above will take care of rest.

Hope it will help: