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Taking a Community offline - want a custom message

I have to take my published Community offline for a while, and I'd like the "down for maintenance" page to include a customized message. Where I can make that happen?

I've tried editing the InMaintenance VF page, but those changes don't seem to appear when I take the Community offline.

I'm also seeing some odd behavior when the Community is offline. The Community Administration Settings pop-up tells me that the community is offline, and when I go to the URL for the Community, I get the standard "down for maintenance" message, but if I append "/login" to the URL, I see the standard login page, and I can even click the link to see the self-registration page. Why are those pages even visible if the Community is offline?
I'll take back part of the second paragraph - I *can* see login page even though the Community is offline, but when I click the link to get to the self-registration page, I do (correctly) get the "down for maintenance" message. However, I'd still like to know how I can customize that "down for maintenance" page.