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Park Walker (TAGL)Park Walker (TAGL) 

Custom Index for field in Managed Package?

I have a client with a few million account records where we need to use a SOQL query to select a small subset (5% or so) based on a custom field value. The query is timing out due to the need to read through the entire record set. The client asked support if a custom index could be added to the filter field and was told this was not possible due to it being part of a managed package.

Is it possible to have a custom index applied to a field in the DE for the package and have that index deployed to customers? If so, can this be done in a patch org?

SonamSonam (Salesforce Developers) 
Hi Park, if you have a custom indexed field in Dev Org and you have added the same in Package, it will have to be  custom indexed on the org where you have this package installed, it will not custom indexed automatically when you install the package.
Yachana YachanaYachana Yachana
If a field is indexed in manage package will not come as indexed for the customer installing it. But if the manage package field is external ID , it will come as indexed to the customer. Salesforce support can index a managed package field too if provided a time out query using that field.