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Praveen JhaPraveen Jha 

sending email notification to user when article is published

I have one custom field on user object like "Notify me of releases" which data type is checkbox . When user select "Notify me of releases" checkbox checked  user will get notification for every update of  article whose type is alert. 
Note:- I have created one article type alert.
Hi Praveen,

You can create a public group for your article type. Whenever a user selects the check box you can add that user to the group using trigger.

Create a WF on the Article type and select the wf action as email alert and you can select the public group you have created.

Prakash B
Praveen JhaPraveen Jha
Thanks Prakashb for your quick response. Can you please send the trigger code. I am new in development.
Marcel dos SantosMarcel dos Santos
Actually creating a public group and add users to that group won't work. Public groups won't allow Customer Community Login users to be added to it.

This limitation is described here:

Is there any other option to alert users when an article is published?