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Visualforce page works fine in /one/one.app but always asks for login in the android sf1 app.

I've got a visualforce page exposed through SF1 that works wonderfully when I access it through the /one/one.app sf1 application, but on the native android app it always pops up a login page. I'm logged into a sandbox but the login page that pops up is targeted at http://login.salesforce.com so I can't log in and since it's not the standard sf1 login point I can't switch the server so there doesn't seem to be anyway to make the page show up in the app. It seems to me that if the page works at /one/one.app it should work in the native apps as well, any thoughts? 
It seems like it's an issue with even the most basic visualforce page. I created simple page and added it to sf1 and had the same issue. Here's the page: 

<apex:page docType="html-5.0"> <div> Simple VF Page </div> </apex:page>

Uninstalling the app, reinstalling, clearing cookies, changing the server to sandbox and logging in again seems to have fixed it. It is on a sandbox, and I do login to multiple accounts with the sf1 app. The app is pretty flakey with vf and multiple accounts
Hey Scott -- I'd agree with that assessment. Assuming you've double-checked your user permissions and the "Available for Salesforce mobile apps" checkbox for the page, you should be all set.