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Jason SchroederJason Schroeder 

Custom Convert Lead Page

I found a custom page setup allowing me to control the convert page. It allows me to turn of the create task etc. So this is great. When it populates the opportunity name field it puts in NULL. I would like to automate this to match the account name that is being created.

The app has a controller and it is listed as: leadConvert.setOpportunityName(((myComponentController.doNotCreateOppty) 
            ? null : myComponentController.opportunityID.Name));

I would like to change it so that it applies a matching name to the account.
SonamSonam (Salesforce Developers) 
Hey Jason, Looks like you are using a visualforce age to customize the lead convert process which is why it has a controller - is it a package that I can also install and check the page you are talking about on my ORG.

It would be easier to help f the code is available..
Jason SchroederJason Schroeder

I like the function of it, it allows me to eaily turn on and off settings on the convert page. It adds the  Null to both the account an opp name fields and I would like it to bring in the name of the client as we are a B2C. If that is not possible then a way for it to match the account name  that it creates.