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Converting Lookup field to Master-detail is getting proble.

Hi, I am converting lookup field to master-detail but the master-detail type is invisible. I am not able to select the master-detail type in my object.
I am explaining the senario. i have total 5 object let's count as obj1,obj2,obj3,obj4,obj5. And obj1 is a master of obj2,obj3. And obj2 is master of obj4. Now i converting a lookup field of obj2 to master-detail but master-detail type is not visible. Please help me as soon as possible...
Sai Ram ASai Ram A
  1. You can convert a look up to master detail provided if your existing data look ups contain data for all records,
  2. Also you should have "Allow reparenting' check box checked for that field otherwise you will find master detail disabled when you try to change the data tyoe to master detail.
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Hi, I am doing all you mentioning but still i am facing same issue.
Sai Ram ASai Ram A
What is the Error my Friend?