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Partner Portal Retires in Early 2015

As per the below link, the partner portal will be retired Feb 20th and completely turn off. To overcome this should be migrated to partner community.

I am working with customers who has several preexisting Partner portal sites (develop->sites->site link-> login through the link and update their information)

Is any impact for force.com sites due to Partner portal retires in early 2015?
If yes please share your ideas and how to overcome this?

Highlities from the source link:
February 20th - release new functionality outlined above in Partner Community.  All partners will need to re-accept the Partner Master Agreement.
February 20th - links and functionality will be removed in the Partner Portal.
April 3rd - Partner Portal site will be fully retired.

In general, if you created the portal using force.com sites and not something like site.com you should be able to migrate from portal to community pretty easilly. 
Thanks for the response Kevin, as per your comments the partner portal retirment will not effects force.com sites. This is my understanding is it true!