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James GleasonJames Gleason 

PKB3 only showing In Maintenance Page?

Hi All,

Up front I want to say forgive me for asking a question like this here but Support tells me this is my only next course of action. I have downloaded and installed PKB3 from the appexchange but am running into an issue I can not figure out how to fix. I configured everything and it looks the way I want when I preview the pkb_home page but when the force.com site is activated the only thing that shows it the in maintenance page. I have combed through all the help documents I can find on it along with the implementation guide from the PKB3 app page itself (which is outdated from summer 2013). I'm sure I'm missing a simple step somewhere, would anyone know why this is happening. Sorry if I do not have all the information you may need to answer but I don't even know what you would need in the first place. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

Thank you,
James Gleason
ShashankShashank (Salesforce Developers) 
Hi James,

Please email me at ssrivatsavaya@salesforce.com with your org Id and the support case number that you raised for this.

I have the exact same problem, do not even see Article Type Permissions in my sandbox.  I have Knowledge enabled, articles published, all other settings are as the outdated guide suggests.  Please share if you have had this issue.  Thanks ins advance!