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User Login

I have multiple users in my org. I logged in using my crdentials. I gave a user some permissions to check on objects. Now I want to login as that user in my org and make changes. How do I do that?
You must be a sytem administrator to login as a different user and also based on organization setting, that indiviual user must grant access to have login as functionality. Setup > Personal Setup > My Personal Information > and “Grant Login Access” to their System Administrator.

Please check this article for more details. http://www.shellblack.com/administration/login-as-any-user-without-having-to-grant-access/
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Hey Karan,

Thanks for the input. I tried that but not getting to do what I want to do. May be my miss in explaining it wrong. 
So basically I logged in as with my ID.User-added image
NOw I have a user called XYZ. what I want is I want to login as XYZ and see how his pagelayout looks for acount. Instead of my name in the dropdown I want to see XYZ's name and check and then edit the user and profile he is associated with.
Pls look into the link which I shared in my post. It has step by step procedure to enable login as functioanlity. 
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Thank you. I donno how to log a case :-(
Shivanath DevnarayananShivanath Devnarayanan
You cannot Log a case from the Developer edition ORG, you'll need to raise a case from a production org, but mention in the case description that you need the feature for the developer ORG and also mention its ORG ID.

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Thank you I will check.