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Tena WolverTena Wolver 

Partner Community 3rd party redirect to visualforce page goes to Login page

We have a partner community where they can convert leads.  We use a 3rd party dedup application that reroutes the user to the contact if a duplicate is found.  This works great in the Partner Portal.  However, in the Partner Community when it tries the redirect with the visualforce page it kicks the user back to the login screen.  I have added the visualforce page to the sites visualforce page list.  What am I missing? 
Gaurav KheterpalGaurav Kheterpal
Can you share your VF page code?
Tena WolverTena Wolver
It is code managed by a 3rd party so I don't get to see what it does.  I was able to fix it by entering in a criteria to exclude a certain profile from the validation.  They are working on fixing it for Communities.