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SF Buzz VutukuriSF Buzz Vutukuri 

Availability of SOAP and REST services in Professional edition

We already got the API token for professional edition, but I have one more query 
i.e. We are using custom and SOAP and REST services in out APP, are that custom services work in professional edition ?
Gaurav KheterpalGaurav Kheterpal
This is explained here - http://www.salesforce.com/us/developer/docs/packagingGuide/Content/dev_packages_api_access.htm

API access is not normally supported in GE/PE organizations. However, once your app passes the security review, you’re eligible to use some APIs for building composite applications.Currently, only the standard SOAP and REST APIs are supported for GE and PE apps. You can also request that a connected app be whitelisted to use the REST API in GE or PE organizations.

Other APIs such as the Metadata API, Bulk API, and Apex Methods exposed using the SOAP Web service remain unavailable.

REST based Web services can be enabled by connected app consumer whitelisting

SOAP based Web services can be enabled using an API token called a Client ID, which needs to be appended to your SOAP headers in integration calls. This special key enables your app to successfully make calls to GE/PE even if the customer does not have API access.

I hope this helps.
Jared GholstonJared Gholston
Can you explain "connected app consumer whitelisting" further?

I have an application that uses the REST api, it has passed security review with SFDC.  I can successfully update Accounts with new Notes on my SFDC dev account.

When attempting to create a new Note on an Account against a Professional Edition SFDC account using the REST API I do not receive an error but the Note does not appear on the Account.

How does a Professional Edition user execute "connected app consumer whitelisting" ?

Thanks for your help.