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Pauliina LeinoPauliina Leino 

Live agent chat in bottom corner of page, not popup

We're implementing a Salesforce LiveAgent chat and we would liketo have chat to appear in the bottom right corner of the page, in a layer, not a popup. My question is: is this even possible?

We have succeeded in plucking out the content of the chat popup and sticking it in an iframe which I position at the bottom of the page. However, upon reloading/navigating, the chat naturally needs to be re-opened and restarted by the visitor and the previous chat session is lost. This is not desired.

We have tried to get a session ID from the liveagent API, but that's not possible with an AJAX call since the API seems to be cross-domain protected for some reason (Ww can't send the headers the API needs). Luckily, one of our backend guys succeeded in getting a session ID via CURL. This is only step 1, however, as now I need to persist the ID of an ongoing chat and automatically reconnect to the same session when the user navigates.

So if it is possible to use LiveAgent chat in the way I have described it, how do I actually do it?
Missing DebugMissing Debug
I have the same problem here. The user need to reload the page, without lose the chat session. In the salesforce console (operator side) this feature is already implemented.
Marcel dos SantosMarcel dos Santos
Have you found any solution for this problem? I've tried everything, including asking around, digging into javascript code and read all documentation I could find.

I'm facing the same problem, but can't find a solution for it. I've enabled loggin in the live agent, and, apparently, the session id is detected in a cookie, but a new session is created.

I am also facing the same issue. I am not able to retain the chat session. New Snap-in chat solved refresh issue. But, it's not working in another tab. Different tab is treating as different user. In single tab, session is retaing after refresh or navigate to another page. Is there any way to solve these issue?

Federico VecchiarelliFederico Vecchiarelli

Did anyone manage to achieve this? If so, how did you do it? For us even using the same tab, just navigating from one page to another, creates a new chat instead of reconnecting to the existing chat.