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Jonny SimmoJonny Simmo 

Live Agent Post Chat Visualforce page can not access objects?


I have successfully set up Live Agent and have it working.

I then added a pre chat page with input fields successfully.

However when I add a post chat page, it works until I try adding a standard controller to the visualforce page, as soon as I put in any code that references a standard object I get the error page below when the post chat page should appear:

User-added image
Any ideas why I am getting this issue?

I would like to add some inoput fields so I can store data from a post chat survey.


It works for us.  I would recommend that you create a Site for the page and then use that.  It will be exposed without having to authenticate as a Salesforce user.
Lavika VaishnavLavika Vaishnav
Hi Jonny,

I think you haven't added this post chat page into your site, add and test.
Chandra RChandra R
Hi, I am facing the same issue. I have added post chat page, controller to the site but still I am getting the above error. Any inputs, please?