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How to measure time spent on emails on a case

Company is trying to measure the productivity of the service reps specifically on
  -- the amount of time spent on handling cases via emails,
  -- creating emails and sending them out to the customers or other reps specific to cases
With microsoft outlook to sfdc we were able to get all the emails in to sfdc for cases and contacts for traceability. But what i am struggling with is, how to measure the amount of time spent in reading an email, composing an email etc.,. on a case. 

PS :: I am not asking for time spent in resolving a case, instead time spent on email related activities on a case.

Has anybody done this before? Could you please guide me with an appropriate solution?

PratikPratik (Salesforce Developers) 

I am not sure if you can calculate the time spend in email handling in cases.
You can get the timestamp on the Case records' Activity history as in when email sent.