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Mobile pushregistrations - when is a record created really?

Mobile push registration records are created when a user accesses Salesforce for example via the Salesforce1 app. Find them from the user record. As you press the allow button, when accessing via the app, a record gets created with a created date. Then you close the app and when you open it tomorrow the same session is used again allowing for login without any specific allowance needed or having to give your username and password again. And the second time the last registration date has changed but not the created date.

My question is if these mobile push registration records are removed from time to time if there has been too long since the last login for example. We had a user who quit his employment, but the user record was important so the user wasn't made inactive. Instead we changed the password and email address. However we noticed that the user was still accessing Salesforce through the app due to the session that keeps working. I looked at the logs and saw that the created date was more than two weeks after we changed the password but it was also the first attempt after he quit. A mobile push registration record was created at this time. 

Now, what does this mean? Was his session still working from long before or how did he access Salesforce via the app? Shouldn't there already be a mobile push registration record? Since I can only get these records created myself by actively allowing the app to access salesforce and when using my username and password I am confused and want to know how this works. See the record I am talking about below. Created date here is 2015-01-07, but the password was changed in 2014-12-19.

mobile push registration record

Thanks / Niklas