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Sumit Sarkar 2Sumit Sarkar 2 

Create pick list from External Lookup Relationship using Lightning Connect

I'm creating a custom field on Account of type "External Lookup Relationship" against an external object using Lightning Connect.  This works fine and I can enter a value for the key field in the external object and save the Account object which creates a link using an ID column.  Clicking that link then takes me to the related external object record.

How can I create a pick list to select all possible values (or maybe a display column) to make it more user friendly?
NagaNaga (Salesforce Developers) 
Hi Sumit,

I understand that you want to use a multiselect picklist for lightning connect on an external object.

The following custom field types aren’t available for external objects.

Master-detail relationship
Picklist (multi-select)
Text (encrypted)
Text Area (rich)

Please go through the below link for more information


Best Regards
Naga kiran
Sumit Sarkar 2Sumit Sarkar 2
Thank you Naga - can you think of a way to do this with APEX to workaround the picklist fields being unavailable?