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Workflow Formula Needed

I am trying to write a simple wokrflow formual 

I have a text field called subject and I want the formual to evalate to true if the text field has any of these three text values.
Presentation/Demo Given
Conversation Started
Set Appointment for Presentation

Then I am doing a field update to a date field.

The issue I am having is when the field reads "Presentation/Demo Given" and then changes to "Conversation Started" or any combination it is updateding the date field with todays date.  

I want it only to update that filed if "created, and any time it’s edited to subsequently meet criteria" so, if the value if that field swiches beteween any of those three values I want the field up date to do nothing which I have selcted.  Here is what I have so far

OR( Subject__c ="Conversation Started",Subject__c="Presentation/Demo Given",Subject__c="Set Appointment for Presentation")

Thanks in advance for your help


Bhanu MaheshBhanu Mahesh
Hi Sean,

This may help

IF( ISNEW() , OR( Subject__c ='Conversation Started',Subject__c='Presentation/Demo Given',Subject__c='Set Appointment for Presentation'), ISCHANGED( Subject__c ) && (OR(Subject__c ='Conversation Started',Subject__c='Presentation/Demo Given',Subject__c='Set Appointment for Presentation')) && (AND( PRIORVALUE(Subject__c) <> 'Conversation Started', PRIORVALUE(Subject__c) <> 'Presentation/Demo Given',PRIORVALUE(Subject__c) <> 'Set Appointment for Presentation')))

Also, I want to know whether Subject__c is a text field or Picklist field.
If it is a Picklist field you have to use ISPICKVAL() method to compare the values.

Bhanu Mahesh
Hi Bhanu

It is a text field.  When I tried to use that formual I am getting an error " Function ISNEW may not be used in this type of formula"


Again thank you for all your help with this