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SAP Integration

Does anyone in the community have a recommendation for SAP/SFDC integration simplifying opportunity-to-order process

allowing users to create an order in SAP through a click of a button on the Opportunity object. Thanks in advance!
NagaNaga (Salesforce Developers) 
Dear Leadforce,

1. Once the order creation request is posted in Salesforce, trigger a BPM process (through a web service) and pass on the order request Id (You may need to write a small program in Salesforce to trigger the BPM process once the order requested is placed in sales force)

2. Use the Order request id sent to the process to retrieve the order request data from Salesforce (again you can use the Salesforce webservices) and show it to the approvers in the UI modeled and mapped to the BPM process steps.

3. Post all approvals, use the request data in the approval UI and invoke a suitable BAPI/ RFC to persist the data into SAP ECC.

 2 and 3 above are more of a UI to Salesforce integration through webservices.

Please let me know if this was helpful.

Best Regards
Naga kiran

We have build a solution framework for opportunity-to-order process integration for Sage ERP system, that can be extended to SAP system. Please drop an email to discuss.
samr@expsoltech.com (mailto:samr@expsoltech.com)
Thanks so much!