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Jonathan OsgoodJonathan Osgood 

Best way to push mobile images from iOS to Salesforce?

Hi Everyone,

I have a requirement to capture images in the field, in an offline environment, then attach them to an account. 
Ideally, I could also create an account on mobile, then attach the image to the newly created account. 
The only app on the app exchange that came close was Timba lens, but that only allows you to attach to existing accounts. 

Any other ideas before going down the custom dev path?

Gaurav KheterpalGaurav Kheterpal
If you are looking to do this programatically in a native/ hybrid app, I'd recommend the following approach

* Capture the image and save it in your application gallery - You can use the UIImagePickerController for a native app and Cordova camera plugin in case of hybrid app
* Use the Mobile SDK REST API wrappers to then upload it as an attachment to any record for any object

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Gaurav Kheterpal
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