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Ravikant kediaRavikant kedia 

How to Authenticate and get access token using Xero or salesforce integration.

I want to integrate salesforce with Xero how to authenticate and get access token in salesforce plese give me and idea or code to implemet it.
Thanks in advance.(Using rest api).
Stony Grunow - BreadwinnerStony Grunow - Breadwinner
Free / Pure Code Approach
Well, you could start with some open source Apex code that will help you create an OAuth connection (https://github.com/jesperfj/sfdc-oauth-playground).

That, plus the developer docs for Xero (http://developer.xero.com/documentation/getting-started/getting-started-guide/), is (in theory) all you need. 

This isn't exactly a walk in the park, but if you've worked with OAuth before it shouldn't be too bad.

Using an App
You could alternatively use any one of a number of apps.

Breadwinner (https://breadwinnerhq.com/) is the only Salesforce to Xero integration to do two-way sync out of the box. I think this is the best solution, but of course, I'm biased as my copmany developed Breadwinner.

Other options include OneSaaS, Carry The One, Workato and of course, Zapier. They will do automatic trigger stuff, but they don't really perform two-way syncronization of your Xero to Salesforce. What this means is that while you might be able to auto-create a Xero Contact and partially auto-create a Xero Invoice, you'll never know if that Invoice has been paid from within Salesforce. And that also means you can run reports in Salesforce on Xero data, or see charts or dashboards on your Xero data from Salesforce.

Professional Development
Finally, you could pay a Salesforce Development team to do this. Trineo (http://www.trineo.com/) are considered the best, due to their experience and the fact they have some pre-written code that saves them about 3-5 days of development time per project. That said, this option isn't exactly cheap as it still requires 5-10 (or more) days of a top-notch Salesforce Developer.

best of luck!
Stony Grunow
Naudine MosimeNaudine Mosime

If you are still on the market for an integration solution, may I suggest you check out Commercient's integration app for Salesforce and Xero (https://www.commercient.com/product/sync-integration-for-xero-and-salesforce/).

Thank you!