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Seeking developer to build a "Scheduling Macro" / Program for "booked" jobs for Solar Company (link to specs)

Hello Developer community.  I'm Greg, the COO of a Solar Power company on Long Island.  We have 70 employees and install hundreds of projects per year.  We are currently building out our Sales Force into a company wide "Enterprise Resouces Management" platform.

I'm seeking a developer to write a program/macro, with a few Visual Force pages, as specified in documents you can find here:

1. I would welcome the opportunity to video conference and run through everything
2. We have appropriate budget to get it done, and acknowledge that this is notable project
3. We are open to alternative ideas, but the core functionality is necessary; let's do an overview first and get on the same page
4. After discussion, happy to give login credetials to look at our existing setup, etc
5. Background: I have already written the program in Excel, as seen by the level of detail in the spec documents; now time to integrate into SF

Please feel free to write me directly at gsachs@empower-solar.com or call 516-509-3912.  Looking forward to connecting with some good people.

Sincrely, Gregory.

Just sent an email response to your email address, Yes we have the expertise to offer this programming. Please drop an email to discuss.