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Raghu PedabbaRaghu Pedabba 

Two Users With Same Profile and Role

Hi All,

Two users have same profile and role.But one user is not able to see records seen by other user. They both have same permission sets.
Check the org-wide default settings for that object. Go to setup->security control->Org-wide default
If the org-wide default is set to private, then only owner of the record will be able to see the record.
Raghu PedabbaRaghu Pedabba
Hi Karanraj,

OWD is private for that object, but user1 is able to see records,that was not created by him.
Shakeria Walker 10Shakeria Walker 10
Hi - having the same issue.  Any feedback on the solution?
Nasir SiddiquiNasir Siddiqui
Hi I am having the same issue , was it resolved?
Nasir SiddiquiNasir Siddiqui
Hi All,

If one one is still struggling with the same issue, I have resolved by issue by doing the following.

Since everything was same, role,profile, permission sets, the issue i found was in the Locale of the user, which was set to wrong different country.

Updating the locale has sorted this issue somehow,

Hope it helps someone.