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harsha B R 9harsha B R 9 

Issue with rendering Chinese characters as PDF


I am facing an issue with the display of chinese characters on the PDF.Some of the chinese characters are not displaying properly
on usage of the renderAs attribute.

Basically I am getting the data from the rich text area and displaying on VF page using <apex:outputField> tag

Couples of links which I referred to fix the issue:


Issue is not resolved after using UTF-8 encoding and setting the body of the PDF with the font-family: 'Arial Unicode MS'.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you.
ShashankShashank (Salesforce Developers) 
Note that the pageBlock and sectionHeader components don't support double-byte fonts when rendered as a PDF. Please see if this is the case.
Praveen Kumar R 6Praveen Kumar R 6
You need to use Arial Unicode Font as it is the only Unicode Font supported for Visualforce PDF Rendering.
"Arial Unicode MS is the only multibyte font available.

For example : 
<div style="font-family: Arial Unicode MS;font-weight: 900; "> <apex:outputText >{!textbody}</apex:outputText> </div>