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Trigger to send case assigned email to Case owner and Manager using a round robin queue assignment.

I am using an app exchange roudn robin case assignment which is working great.  However, because the case is assigned to the queue and then to the inividual owner in the same edit action the workflow to alert the case owner is not firing.  I have tried using the last modified date or date opened as a trigger point but it is not working.  I believe I will need to have a simle trigger fire after the round robin has finsihed and the individual owner has been assigned.  I have litte experience writing these and have only modified current triggers.  I can't use the standard case assignment notification because the first owner is the queue.

The case history looks like this: (assigned to queue and reassigned to queue member in single action)
2/23/2015 9:06 AM G.Dickens  Changed Case Owner from L1 Case Queue to Luke S.
      Changed Owner (Assignment) from G.Dickens to L1 Case Queue.