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Dave BrewerDave Brewer 

Custom Task Field Autopopulation

I've added a couple Custom Fields to the Activities object and are specifically used for Tasks. What I would like the fields to do is draw in information from the associated Lead/Contact that is chosen for the Task, but I'm not sure how to handle this. I have little-to-no Apex coding experience but know that this is probably something that could be solved using Apex. Could someone either point me in the general direction of a solution to this problem or help me to figure one out myself?
Hi Dave,

As activities can have any record as a parent -  Account, Contact, Case etc.. You wont be able to achieve this using a workflow rule, but will have to use a trigger instead.

Given you do not have any experience writing code, this might be a bit tricky for you but by no means inpossible. In fact, this would be quite a good learing exercise for you. There will also be plenty pf people to help you should you come stuck.

There are some good links below to help hget you started.