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Eclipse vs. MavensMate vs. BrainEngine vs. WelkinSuite vs. Developer Console vs. ??


I am looking for some feedback on the various IDE options for Salesforce.  What makes you choose one over the other?  Pros & Cons?  Am I missing other options?

I would like to invest the time into learning an IDE very well, but was looking for some guidance in choosing the right one before I dive in to later decide I should have chose a different one because of x, y, or z.  

I realize this is a subjective question, but hearing the opinions of those with experience will greatly help those with less experience like myself.  

Thanks for your input!
I've used all of the IDEs except for WeklinSuite.  But based on the online video and installation and feature guide, I assume it is very similar to BrainEngine.  It depends on how you plan to use the IDEs for your development needs.

1.  Eclipse -  One of the first development platform for Salesforce Apex and Visualforce.  Eclipse is used by many developers and offers rich platform capabilityes for development of Apex and VF.  But I see the IDE has not kept itself upto date with features like code assist, but is useful when you are working on multiple languages (other than Apex & VF).  I like the way it integrates with Version Control like GIT.  It is pretty powerful when you use Git, Apex, Angular, JavaScript and VF.
It does not offer flexibility powerful debugging features that developer console gives and also Lightening Component framework that AFIK, Developer Console offers.  Also it is a but slow compared with MavensMate and Developer Cconsole. But for most of the development, deployments and version control I like Eclipse.   Also eclipse can work on Windows, Mac and Linux platforms.  On top of it this IDE is free

2.  MavensMate -  Works well on Mac and Linux platforms.  Need to do some tweaks for Windows for additional setup.  Lightweight, fast and offers betters features than eclipse.  Widely used by Mac users.   It is built on SublimeText.  You can get a paid version of SublimeText at a reasonable price.  It does not offer same GIT pull/push features that Eclipse can offer.  Powerful code assist and templates.  Upto date with latest features and tooling API for Salesforce

3.  BrainEngine - Only works on Windows platform and is similar to the .NET Visual Studio.  I have not tried the online version.  The Windows version is pretty stable.  But you have be a Microsoft Stack guy to fall in love with it.

Illuminated CloudIlluminated Cloud
I'm the developer so I'm going to have a bias, but I'll throw my recent Force.com plugin for JetBrains IntelliJ IDEA, Illuminated Cloud (http://www.illuminatedcloud.com), into the ring.  It features extensive code completion, source code navigation (go to declaration/implementation/etc., find usages), a very customizable code formatter, as-you-type source code validation, metadata deployment and retrieval, unit test integration, and much more, and of course it all expands on IDEA's core capabilities such as support for other programming languages for hybrid apps, integration with various source code mangement systems and issue tracking systems, etc.
June BischoffJune Bischoff
Throwing in a vote for Illuminated Cloud.  It was a little painful to get set up, but no more than most IDEs, and Scott was very helpful and responsive.  Loving the features!
My vote for Illuminated Cloud (IC). Using it for quite sometime now and as June Bischoff mentioned, Scott is veryy helpful and responsive. At the moment, one cannot find a better solution than IC for Salesforce development.