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mansour salamemansour salame 

Fields access through external APIs


We are developing an application that uses some of Salesforce's APIs (e.g.: Rest API, StreamingAPI, Bulk API). Given that, we need to know if there's any way of access some specific fields of the main entities without showing these fields in the Salesforce Page Layout. From the documentation and the Forums, we learned that this is the only way of doing that (if a field is editable via an user role's page layout then it is accessible and editable via the APIs; if a field is not editable via the page layout, then it is not accessible via any of the APIs).
We would like a confirmation of this limitation or, otherwise, we would like to have some guidance of how enable access and editing of the fields without showing them in the interface, if that is possible.

Thank you in advance.
Fields can be removed from Page layout unless it is universally required and can be edited using API if the API user profile has edit access.
there is no dependency between page layout and the API access.
mansour salamemansour salame
Thank you, Balaji!

We are getting an error when the fileds are retured. Would you please give us some heads up on how to make then accessable?
mansour salamemansour salame
You are right. We were able to enable the fields' API access in the 'Field Accessibility' screen to a Salesforce user profile without showing these fields values them in the user profile entity page layout. This approach requires the Salesforce administrator to do that by hand field by field while logged in Salesforce.com.
Is it possible to enable a field access via API to a user profile via any Salesforce API? Maybe the Metadata API?
If that's possible, could you provide a code example or a guide of how doing that?
Thank you.