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Rahul Reddy 1Rahul Reddy 1 

Opportunity Integration

Need help with the below requirement.

When i create an opportunity in SFDC it should get created in SAP with same ID and also it should delete an opportunity when i do in SFDC.

Any help would be highly appreciated.

Thanks and Regards
For this first you need to write a trigger on Opportunity.
Whenever a new Opportunity is created make a callout to SAP by passing opportunity record.

1)Write an after insert trigger so that you will get the id of the Opportunity and make below webservice call out.
2)Write a webservice callout (Soap/Http) , I recommend Http callout. This does invoke a webservice in SAP which creates an opportunity record in SAP.

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Please let me know for any more info.

Rahul Reddy 1Rahul Reddy 1

I am more of a SFDC Admin and have just basic orientation of coding and integrations. Is there any Code link or any sample code which you can help me with.

And also with the solution you provided we can create an opportunity how about delete the opportunity from SAP when i do so in SFDC.

Deleting is critical task requirement.

Sorry for my ignorance.

Truly appreciate your help.
Hi Rahul,

Request SAP team to provide you a SOAP/Restful service to send opportunity details from salesforce to SAP to create/delete.
1) If you are expecting only acknoledgement response with SAP then you could simply use workflow outbound messageses.

2) If you require some http respose back from SAP  then you can use apex  callout to send data from salesforce to SAP and read http response to update details in salesforce.

Let me know if you need any more information