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Francesco RampoldiFrancesco Rampoldi 

Did not get my tshirt after completing the challenge

Hello, In february I completed the trailhead challenges, but received no communications about my tshirt.  
I earned the first 2 badges well before the 28th of february. Did I miss something? 
How can i get my t-shirt?

Thank you for your support,
Ps. here is the text of the email i received inviting me to the challenge:
 Meet Trailhead, a fast and easy way to explore the basics of building cloud apps. Earn the first 2 intro badges by February 28, 2015 and you'll win a limited edition t-shirt! It's that easy to get started.
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Lauren GrauLauren Grau
@Francesco: sorry for the delay! I know our shipment vendor is making their way through the hefty mailing list :) and so am I through my own emails ::blush::  I'll follow up with you over email. 

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I would recommend that you comment on this thread [1].  I know that Lauren is following that and she can help you.

[1] https://developer.salesforce.com/forums/ForumsMain?id=906F0000000AxATIA0
Francesco RampoldiFrancesco Rampoldi
Hi, I already commented on that thread, but received no answer.  Also tried to send an e-mail to Lauren, but so far no answer from her.  Don't know what else to try to get in contact with sales force people following this topic. Thank you for your suggestion.
Nancy Engel 2Nancy Engel 2
T shirts seem to just now be arriving.  I got mine about a week ago and a collegue got his last week.  Be patient! 
Lauren GrauLauren Grau
@Francesco: sorry for the delay! I know our shipment vendor is making their way through the hefty mailing list :) and so am I through my own emails ::blush::  I'll follow up with you over email. 
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If I had already completed a majority of the challenges prior to Feb 28 would I still be receiving a tshirt or is that for new users of trailhead AFTER the announcement was made to complete 2 badges and get your tshirt?
Oswin Correa 18Oswin Correa 18
@Lauren Grau Been two months and not recieved the T shirt yet. Is it out for delivery or am I not getting 1 ?. Seems like no further responses to this post.
Nidheesh VNidheesh V
I hava collected one badge, But no notification of tshirt came. 
monika shewalemonika shewale

I am new to salesforce and have completed 9 badges and I got 14775 points.
what is the procedure for getting T-shirt ??
my mail Id is  mona17493@gmail.com..plz email me if you know about this..

thanks in advance.
Pratik Prusty 3Pratik Prusty 3
Hi , /i too did not receive tshirt notification after 1st badge. please assist.
Hemlata MandowaraHemlata Mandowara
Hi @Lauren,

I have also completed the Data Modeling and Salesforce Platform Basics along with other Badges, but did not get shipping email for t-shirt notification.

Please suggest.

Dheeraj Sharma 9Dheeraj Sharma 9

Hi @Lauren,

I have successfully completed  Developer Trail Beginner and got one bedge as well but I didn't get any mail related to T-shirt. can u just help me for the same. other collegue got the mail and also received t-shirt. 
Kanwarpal SinghKanwarpal Singh

Hi Lauren,

Hope you are doing great,I have completed the challenge on 21 Jan,2016.They requested me for the T-shirt size,i have filled the form for mailing address and T-shirt size.But now the date is 15 Feb,2016, i still not have got my T-shirt.Please check about the issue

Lauren GrauLauren Grau
@Kanwarpal: Apologies there was a delay in the production of the sweatshirts so they are only beginning to ship now. You'll receive an email with tracking information once it's been shipped. Thanks!
vikash Sadangivikash Sadangi
I have requested for sweatshirts 4-week ago but till now no response. Could you please check?
Rahul Kaushik 17Rahul Kaushik 17
Hello Lauren'
On 14 March 2016 I completed the trailheads challenges and earn 2 Badges but didn't recieve any confirmation email regarding the T-Shirt. How do I will get it. Any Solution ? @Lauren Grau.

Hi Lauren,

Today I got my third badge, I also didn't get any mail or notification that I have won a t-shirt.
Could you please check on this.
Lauren GrauLauren Grau
@Vikash: I sent you an email with your tracking info.

@Rahul: It looks like there was an error with your shirt order, but we just fixed it. It should be on its way soon!

@Kushan: Unfortunately it looks like you were ineligible for the current t-shirt campaign which is meant for brand new users. Stay tuned for future ways to win cool swag!

I'm a brand new user. Started trailheads on this March (March 2016), and got my third badge on 18th of March. Rahul in above thread has earned 2 badges on 14th of March. :(
Ibrahim IslamIbrahim Islam
@Lauren Also earned 2 badges but did not get any notification or email for t-shirt. Is there anything more I have to do? Please let me know.
Rajeev K 2Rajeev K 2
I earned my first badge yesterday, but I havent got any email for the t-shirt. 
Can you tell me what do I need to do OR can you check why the email did not come to me?
Piyush UpadhyayPiyush Upadhyay
Hi Lauren,
I  didn't get any mail or notification that I have won a t-shirt. I Had completed the trailmix.
Could you please check on this.