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Kristen Hudgens 9Kristen Hudgens 9 

Set field values on a task created by workflow. Trigger?

I have a workflow rule that creates a task.  I need to set some custom field values on that task after it is created.  Do I need a trigger to do this?  If so, how would I write my trigger?

If the subject of the task created via workflow = 'Certified Receipt Req', I need to set the field Required__c to True, and the field From_Whom__c to 'USPS'.

Is this possible (i have to believe it is), and how?

Thank you!
Hi Kristen,
It can be done easily using formula fields. No need of trigger or another workflow.

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Kristen Hudgens 9Kristen Hudgens 9
Formula fields will not work in this instance. The fields need to be editable by the user later in the business process.