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Tanmay AnwekarTanmay Anwekar 

Overriding standard features of Salesforce?

I have created a visualforce page in which I have overridden standard salesforce Home page and I have also made some tabs using visualforce including standard object Campaign. I want to implement standard salesforce features in that page, can I make standard object in using visualforce page having same standard features given by salesforce?
Mudasir WaniMudasir Wani
Hello Tanmay,

What you want to achiece using Visualforce.
My suggestion would be to create new app and include the tabs of standard and Custom objects and your visualforce Tabs.
If you have any other requirement let us know.

Hope this is useful.

Please mark it as best answer so that if any one has same problem it will help.
Tanmay AnwekarTanmay Anwekar
Hi Mudasir,

Thanks for response, actually I am having a HTML page designed same like salesforce plateform and I want to implement it as it is in salesforce platform, so for that I copied that HTML source code and pasted it in visualforce page making some ammendments as per visualforce page, in that html page some custom tabs were already made using HTML and CSS and the home page is having different view from the standard Home page provided by salesforce and that page cannot be implemented on the standard home page using home page layout, now in that HTML page I am having same standard options as given by Salesforce such as "Setup drop down menu" , "Appname dropdown menu" , "Help" , these all should work as it is like in Salesforce, how can I achieve that.
Mudasir WaniMudasir Wani
I have no shortcut solution for this.
Except that you need to do it by customization and put a lot of effort.
I am also interested to know if we can do it by some other ways.