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Jodi Nemser-AbrahamsJodi Nemser-Abrahams 

Process Builder formulas doesn't support ISCHANGED(),PRIORVALUE(),ISNEW()

When setting up criteria for a Process Builder Action Group, there are are several functions that are missing entirely (ie ISNEW()) and others that are missing from formulas but exist in filter conditions.  Namely, ISCHANGED() and PRIORVALUE() (PRIORVALUE is called "Was set" in Process Builder).

Proces Builder filter operators:
Process Builder filter options are limited but include ISCHANGED()

Formula functions:
 ISCHANGED works with Process Builder formula

Workflow options:
Workflow has more functionality

My question is: is this intentional?  If so, why?  If not, will it be changed and when?

the work around (until they incorporate functions into the mapping dialogue) is to create extra fields on your object to hold the previous value and then a formula to detect if the current value is different from the previous. then you can use the formula as an ischanged condition.  crude, but it gets the job done. after   you are done, include an activity  to push the current value into the previous value field.