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$CurrentPage Label (instead of Name)?

Is it possible, in visualforce, to get the label of the current page, instead of the system name?

For example, something like {!$CurrentPage.Label} instead of {!$CurrentPage.Name}

The Page "Label" has spaces in it, the "Name" has underscores... I'd rather show the label to the user rather than the API Name.
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Sampath KumarSampath Kumar
Hi Narsavagep.

There is no direct way to get lable using $CurrentPage.Label, instead you can get it from a controller using the folloqing query.
select id,name,MasterLabel from ApexPage where name=:visualforcepagename.

> Pass visualforcepage name as parameter to controller
> MasterLabel is the field to get label of visualforce page from ApexPage.

Let me know if you have any queries.

Sampath Kumar Goud