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Automating Time-based Actions with Workflow : Challenge

Please check if this Challenge is working, I keep getting the error:
Challenge not yet complete... here's what's wrong:
The 'Set Case to Escalated' Workflow field update action was not found.

It is there and it works fine when I create a new case.
I had the same issue due to my dev org having a "namespace" registered from when doing stuff with Lightning Components. If you have a namespace registered, then you will need to use a new dev org without a namespace as there is currently no way to remove or changes the namespace once registered. The namespace changes the API name, which will prevent the challenge from finding the Workflow Field Update.
Matthew Mercer 2Matthew Mercer 2
The API name must match the name specified on the challenge. Also, where you have to select 'Rule Trigger Date' in the due date for your task, remove the '0' from the plus/minus days field and then proceed, this should resolve any problems.  
Pierre-Emmanuel GrosPierre-Emmanuel Gros
I got exactly the same issue yesterday. By replicating my challenge configuration on another DEV org with no "namespace", it worked.
Challenge control does not work on "namespaced" orgs for the time being.
Jesse Milburn 18Jesse Milburn 18
This is the second module I have ran into name space issues with.
Usha Charles 3Usha Charles 3

Is it possible to link more than one developer account with Trailhead ? If we use anothe dev account for this reason, wont this issue effect your badges ?